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2018: Our otherworldly year

From Alaska to Albania and from Bangkok to Berlin

Only one year and yet so many things happened. I'm going through some memorable events as if I'm flipping through colorful post-its...I ask the team to describe their 2018 at In their own words the year was - "meaningful", "challenging", "expansive", "busy", ""visual", "visionary", "explorative", "otherworldly". And while everyone will keep the memory of 2018 for a long time, for me as a founder it's important to know what we have done and left behind that will stay. The accounts I share with you - our partners and friends so that you keep us always in check.

Wishing you satisfaction with the work done in 2018 and an otherworldly year in 2019 because ours was simply amazing!

Elina Zheleva,


Better Service Design for Bulgarian Consumers

In 2018 we won the trust of new companies, which service millions of customers. At we have always aimed for impact. Our dream has always been that our work reaches the most people in Bulgaria. We believe that good design is a human right, and good service design - an obligation of each company. That is why we love working with companies, which service the mass market.

This year our clients became - Econt, RaiffeisenBank and А1, which service more than 4 million people in Bulgaria. We are happy that through the collaboration with them in the field of service design we can impact so many people in a positive way. Thank you for the trust!

World-class Training Programs

We strongly believe that in order our work to have impact, to fulfill our dream of better design for the all users, for better services and overall more meaningful user experiences, we need to build service design capacity inside the organizations, which we work with. That is why we do not do “one day creative workshops on innovation and service design”. In stead we offer long-term, methodological programs, which change and charge the companies from within.

One of the greatest acknowledgements of our efforts from the last years was our work in 2018 with Alaska University, Municipality of Anchorage & the amazing Anchorage Design Museum, which invited us to be their partners in the creation of a long-term educational program whose purpose is to build a local design community with the capacity to create better products and services for Alaska. We share a 2-minutes video of the year long engagement with them and some photos from an unforgettable road trip. We are happy that what we have done with the our clients in Bulgaria in the last five years gets exported to the other end of the world.

For a third year in a row, we continue our partnership with launchlabs Berlin - they are one of the oldest and most recognized agencies in the field of design thinking, service design and innovation methods. Together with them we have trained more that 10000 people in Bulgaria and around the globe. Our collaboration with them took us to our favorite Athens, Prague and Amsterdam, but also to places we have never imagined we will reach like Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Bangkok. Thank you for the trust in us launchlabs Berlin!

A little road trip in Alaska
A little road trip in Alaska

Service Design Play Set

We have always said that we owe our development to our clients. On their demand and feedback we developed a holistic service design set, which includes cards with the basic methods and materials used in service design workshops and project sprints. The set is suitable for teams who work on service redesign and service innovation projects.

Sketching & Visual Thinking

Part of the team this year was busy working on a sketching and visual thinking module, which is offered as an add-on to our training programs. The module is specifically focused on improving creativity and effectiveness of team meetings. Will Soon Turn 5 Years Old?! Will Soon Turn 5 Years Old?!

We still don’t know how it happened, but this year we found the time to analyze our work of the last five years. Yes, very soon we will turn five years old! For now we keep the big news and the big surprises for our fifth anniversary in the beginning of 2019. Until then you can read what we have done in our first five here: Innovation - mission impossible?

Design Thinking in Schools

We have always supported initiatives that bring design thinking to schools. Red Paper Plane, developed by Tsvetelina and Georgi Kamovi is one of our favorite projects. It was only in our wildest dreams that another two members of the team - the architects Maria Staynova and Violetka Slavova will dive into an even bigger challenge - Lusio - an architectural studio, which applies design thinking in the creation of better learning spaces. We are proud that their project for First Primary School in Berkovitsa opened doors in the beginning of this school year. The new learning centre is entirely designed around the needs of pupils and teachers and is simply beautiful to look at!

And so, our otherworldly 2018 took us from Bangkok to Berkovitsa. We can’t wait for 2019! Happy holidays!

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