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    DesignThinking.bg is the leading innovation and customer experience agency in Bulgaria. We provide training and consulting services to ambitious organizations eager to make change happen.


  • Services

    We offer а full portfolio of services that improves your team creativity and collaboration

    and lead to the creation of innovative customer experiences.


    Innovation Training Programs

    Acquire durable innovation skills

    across your organisation.


    Our Innovation Training Programs are a combination of engaging introduction workshops followed by work on real projects. Our programs are based on design thinking - the leading innovation methodology and carefully mix elements from service design, lean startup, visual thinking, futures thinking, coaching and many other proven methods. They are suitable for organizations willing to build internal capacity for work on innovation and customer experience improvement projects. Our programs are targeted at employees from different backgrounds, levels and departments in order to break down the barriers to innovation inside the organization. They aim at creating a culture of innovation, which requires more dynamic way of work, better team play and higher motivation.


    Key takeaways for clients:

    • Greater customer-centricity
    • Acquire set of problem-finding and problem-solving skills and tools
    • Adopt skills for creative thinking and the innovator’s mindset
    • Develop capabilities to work in fast-paced design sprints
    • Better teamwork and interdepartmental collaboration
    • Higher engagement, motivation and confidence at the workplace

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    Innovation Project Facilitation

    Design new customer experiences or rethink existing ones.


    Innovation Project Facilitation is the fastest way to get from an idea to a validated concept for an improved or completely new customer experience. With Innovation Project Facilitation we provide both help in planning a project in fast-paced design sprints and facilitating the team sessions throughout. The goal is to transfer you from the world of inefficient waterfall way of working into the world of iterations. Once there, we help you develop a validated concept for the customer experience based on field research, smart tests and real feedback. This co-creation mode of working is suitable for both small and large organizations looking for a fast, yet effective results that will differentiate them on the market. Innovation Project Facilitation is targeted at teams who have the mandate to innovate or improve customer experiences and gives best results when teams have already participated in our Innovation Training Program or have otherwise acquired understanding about the process, tools and mindsets required for work on such projects.


    Key takeaways for clients:

    • Rethink and improve existing customer experiences
    • Create new differentiated customer experiences
    • Improve skills to work on innovation & customer experience improvement projects

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    Innovation Spaces Design

    Create conditions for maximum creative output of your innovation teams.


    There are many things that impact the creative output of an innovation team, but definitely space is one of the key. We have observed over and over again how standard meeting rooms could inhibit teamwork, creative thinking and even the speed of work. On the contrary a well designed meeting space could facilitate better team play, faster decision making and out of the box thinking. Creating innovation space - creativity rooms, innovation war rooms, project labs - is our newest product. It is suitable for organizations who have built internal innovation capabilities and are working regularly on innovation and customer experience improvement projects.


    Key takeaways for clients:

    • Dedicated space(s) for flagship innovation and customer experience improvement projects
    • Design space with flexible furniture and innovative materials
    • Develop skills to work with the space as an enhancer of the creative process
    • Improved team dynamics and speed of work
    • Possibility to impress office visitors with a different space

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    Innovation Workshops

    Get to know the basics

    before you take decisions.


    We offer fully customized demo workshops for diverse audiences. They allow you to get acquainted with the basic principles of design thinking, customer experience and innovation. After the workshop these terms will not be Greek to you and you’ll be inspired to learn more. Can be formatted for employees or for management level to facilitate decision making whether further investments should be made and how innovation programs should be built.


    Key takeaways for participants:

    • Get to know the basic principles
    • Be informed before you take decisions for future investments
    • Have fun

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    Innovation Power Talks

    Inspire and motivate

    your team or audience.


    Our power talks are inspirational lectures and presentations designed to fire up the audience and challenge it to explore new possibilities. Great for public and corporate events, team building and conferences, they are delivered by our recognized team of speakers with experience in TEDx, SxSW and many others.



    Key takeaways for participants:

    • Motivation and inspiration
    • A different point of view on various topics
    • Passion for change
    • Participation in a different, thought provoking event

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  • Why choose us?

    These are the most common reasons why

    our clients decide to work with us:


    "We want to motivate our employees and stimulate engagement."

    "We want to foster

    better teamwork

    and collaboration."

    "We want to acquire

    new skills for innovation and creativity."

    "We want to kick-off

    a new project in our organization."

    "We want to develop new products & services to attract customers."

    "We want to raise our customer service to a whole new level."

  • Clients

    We have worked with multinational companies, SMEs, startups,

    non-profits and public institutions on a wide range of projects.

    “DesignThinking.bg has really helped us see how design thinking could become a day-to-day activity in Telenor Bulgaria and how our employees could use its full potential. We are very satisfied with their work and recommend them to other ambitious companies and organizations that want to stimulate innovation in a practical and engaging way.” Diana Manolova, Customer Centricity Director, Telenor Bulgaria


    DesignThinking.bg are dynamic, informed and fun team to work with. They have deep knowledge in design thinking and other methodologies and their program works. I have personally recommended them to other clients of the Bank as they make for a great partner for innovation.” Egbert Voerman, Country Manager ING Bank N.V. Bulgaria


    "DesignThinking.bg has a very structured way of working with organizations. Every next module of their innovation program builds up on the previous. The team is also amazing! They managed to build a true relationship with all the participants in the program and help them successfully grow in their role as innovation ambassadors." Elena Drecheva, CEO, Konica Minolta Bulgaria



  • Method

    Design thinking makes innovation easier. It is a proven human-centered method with

    clear steps to develop creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration.



    Understand true customer needs


    Use empathy as a powerful tool to gather customer insights.


    Define actual problems


    Discover the right challenges to solve,

    not the obvious ones.




    fresh ideas


    Go through a multitude of possibilities to choose the best ones.



    Visualize the solution 

    prototype and test


    Create actual representations of possible solutions.



    Make it happen and implement results


    Bring solutions out in the open and gather real feedback.


  • Core team

    We are the only agency in Bulgaria with qualified design thinking experts.

    We have a history of multi-disciplinary projects and thought leadership.




    Design thinking coach and consultant, HPI School



    Elina is a design thinking coach and consultant trained at the two leading institutions - the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam and Stanford d.school.

    She holds an Executive MBA from SKEMA Business School - the biggest French University - and has more than 12 years of colourful work experience in strategic management, finance and communications.


    Email | LinkedIn



    Innovation & customer experience through design thinking


    Georgi is a motivational speaker, innovation consultant and writer. He has worked with a wide range of companies
    on innovation and customer experience projects. He is an expert in social innovation, public service innovation, quality of life and wellbeing. Georgi is also a TEDx speaker, founder of Bagra Foundation and author of Destination Number One.


    Email | LinkedIn

    Mihaеlina Georgieva

    Marketing and user research through design thinking



    Mihalina is a graduate of the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam. She is a design thinker with skills in market and user research, strategic management, marketing and communications.

    Her experience includes projects for technology startups, the financial services industry, government structures, social enterprises and marketing agencies.


    Email | LinkedIn



    Innovative office spaces, design thinking coach



    Violetka studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and worked for their innovation unit - ASP. It is there that she

    appreciated the design thinking approach for the first time. For her design thinking is working on the border of disciplines where creativity is the highest.





    Email | LinkedIn

    Mark Etem


    Design thinking and lean startup coach

    Mark is a design thinking and lean startup coach with practical experience in implementing both methodologies. His specialties are startups, rapid prototyping and service design. Born in San Francisco, studied in CU Boulder and New York University, he is an avid traveler and student of life, living by the perspective best described by Tom Chi, “Don’t guess. Learn.”



    Innovative office spaces, design thinking coach

    Maria is an Architect with racy professional experience from Spain, The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

    Interior designs, public buildings, urban planning... it's the difference in scale in architecture projects that gets her inspired. For her design thinking is a 360 degrees view with a sharp focus.



    Project coordinator and design thinking coach

    Ivanka studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and worked for their innovation unit - ASP. She is a creative and visual facilitator and the coordinator of the European project DICE for bringing innovation and creativity in the classroom on behalf of DesignThinking.bg. For her design thinking is a way to unleash creativity in all people.



    Visual facilitator and design thinking coach

    Siliyana is a professional

    architect and a graphic designer with a an entrepreneurial twist. She has worked for leading architecture studios that led her to the Biennale Architettura in Venice. She has co-created art installations, design projects and entrepreneurship challenges. For her design is a way of living and design thinking is an approach to extract the best in a team.



    Project facilitator and design thinking coach

    Boryana is a business consultant with 20+ years of experience in PwC Consulting, Telenor and Arthur Andersen. She has worked with 40+ companies on large-scale transformational programs and initiatives to establish innovative thinking. She was responsible for the introduction of design thinking to Telenor Bulgaria. To her it is a way to empower everybody in an company to see the big picture.



    Design thinking and

    Service design coach

    Angel uses his diverse experience accumulated over the past 10 years to continuously improve his talent for working with people and building communities. He is the co-founder of two service companies, part of the team that created Betahaus | Sofia and corporate social responsibility expert. For him design thinking is the applied aspect of common sense.



    Design thinking and

    Service design coach

    Bilyana inspires and assists individuals and organizations on their journey to more joy and fulfillment. Psychologist by training, coach by nature and learning experience designer by more than 10 years of experience, she leads transformation through empathy and new ways of collaboration. For her design thinking is meaningful conversations, travel and humans.



    Customer experience

    & Service design coach

    Tsvetelina has formed as an artist and a designer by combining her education in architecture and sociology with observation studies of people in urban environments like Sofia and Tokyo. She is a co-author of multiple experience design projects in urban and retail spaces.

    For her design thinking is the way to broaden "your world" to "our world".

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    Only one year and yet so many things happened. I'm going through some memorable events as if I'm flipping through colorful post-its...I ask the team to describe their 2018 at DesignThinking.bg. In their own words the year was - "meaningful", "challenging", "expansive", "busy", ""visual", ...
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  • Thought leadership

    Our team speaks and writes on topics such as design thinking, innovation, creativity,

    customer experience, business development, education and social change.


    How can user research

    speed you up?

    Elina Zheleva at ICT Summit Warsaw

    Don't sell products -

    create experiences

    Georgi Kamov at TEDxBG (in Bulgarian)

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